Damon's blogging again!

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Hey, people who read the blog! After a few months of doing some utterly unimportant things - making a tumblr account dedicated to my gaming (which will remain unnamed as this isn't a spam post), taking care of chickens, looking for a job, and doing… more »

Todd Howard Interview & ESO Update

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GameStar, a PC gaming magazine in Germany, recently sat down with Bethesda Game Director and Executive Producer Todd Howard. The twenty-minute interview largely focuses on discussing The Elder Scrolls. Topics include Germany (home to the second-largest… more »

Attack of the Bots & E3 News

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The International Business Times released a couple articles on the "ESO Bot Plague" and ESO news from E3. ESO director Matt Firor wrote on the forums that the black market activity for the game accounts for about 85% of the customer service calls and e… more »

Is ESO Dead?

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Player complaints are surfacing that Elder Scrolls Online is "dead" (see Reddit). While exact figures are unknown, a substantial amount of players have let their subscriptions expire, the release of the Craglorn content was rocky, and players are findin… more »

Interviews with Emperors

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Zenimax Online has a series of interviews planned with those who have claimed the Ruby Throne. The first was released a few days ago, but if you haven't seen it yet, check out the interview with Emperor Morkulth, Savior of Heaven, Inspiration of Faith a… more »