ESO Reviews in Progress

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I generally ignore game reviews, but now that people with no financial incentive to mislead others have had a substantial amount of time to play Elder Scrolls Online, reviews which are at least theoretically unbiased are starting to come out. Judging fr… more »

On Our Lore Standards

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The UESP's lore section is always a work in progress, and we encourage people to contribute to it. News flash: Perfection Isn't Required! Add as you see fit! We're here to help you add reliable and verifiable info, not hinder you. Anyway, the following… more »

Zenimax recommends out-of-game trading site

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Don't use Twitter? Then you're a good person. I don't know about you, but I'm still hoping this particularly vapid social media fad will die out. Bunch of narcissists, activists with a agenda, and generally stupid ... well, twits. No thanks. And by that… more »

Money in ESO

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One of the greatest aspects of ESO in comparison to other MMOs, for me, is the economy. It reminds me of old school World of Warcraft, in that having and getting gold is a big deal. For the average player in ESO, getting a Motif book is important for tw… more »

A Wiki In The Age Of Reddit

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UESP is the best Wiki in the world when it comes to The Elder Scrolls games. How do I know this? When Dave (owner and founder of UESP) went to the Beer Garden festival and spoke to the creators of The Elder Scrolls Online, they told him they used UESP a… more »