ESO - Where do we go from here?

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This musing of me was brought about by an IRC discussion going on earlier this evening. The Elder Scrolls Online has been up for playing for the last many days now, because of the early release, and UESP has seen very few new users in response to ESO s… more »

ESO: The Good and the Bad

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Hey there! I'm Vely, new to the blog. First post here. Anyway, the past number of posts have been rather negative, criticizing The Elder Scrolls as a whole and especially Elder Scrolls Online. While ESO certainly has its issues--bugs, perhaps, being… more »

Peter Hines on the ESO Subscription

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Bethesda's Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations Peter Hines made some comments earlier regarding Elder Scrolls Online, which, if you're looking to buy, will cost you roughly $55-$145 USD depending on where what edition you purchase. See here… more »


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Let me say first of all that I may be getting ahead of myself; I've only had a chance to view and experience a very small slice of ESO. I have no idea what they may have planned, and I may be misinterpreting things.     That being said, ATTACK IN THE NA… more »

ESO and UESP - A Public Service Announcement

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Everyone, The Elder Scrolls Online is finally due to be unveiled to pre-order buyers in a few hours, and I'd like to leave a quick Public Service Announcement. UESP is the highest quality fan-based website related to The Elder Scrolls, and it's for good… more »