Damon's Throwback Thursday Post

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In recognition of twenty years of The Elder Scrolls, let’s bring UESP’s blog into the “Throwback Thursday” trend with a reminiscing blog post about my first encounter with the Elder Scrolls series. I say Morrowind was my first experience with it, and in… more »

AKB's Auto Korrect Blog: Will There be Another Elder Scrolls Game?

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Does Bethesda like money? Seems like a simple answer, right? Yes, obviously. While people never ask that question, people seem to have extreme doubts over whether or not Bethesda is willing to make the games that just so happen to make them that money t… more »

Morrowind's Ancestral Tombs and the Future Games

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I guess I'm about due for a new blog post, considering my last one was... The last time I did it. I also guess I ought to do some UESP-specific postings for once, and there's something that's been nagging at me recently about a minor site practice. Well… more »

AKB's Auto Korrect Blog: Fan Accessible Betas and the Future of the Elder Scrolls

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Because I wanted a fancy name for my own entries, I will now be presenting these under the name of AKB's Auto Korrect Blog, because I like playing with acronyms. One of the most interesting things about Elder Scrolls Online is the fact that despite the… more »

Quick Beta Impressions

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My experience was very glitchy. Eventually, just trying to talk to people in Stonefalls or trading with a merchant would usually end with a reboot. Crafting was largely out of the question. Logins failed, I got trapped in areas I shouldn't have been abl… more »