The Folly of Godhood

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I do not want to write this. As a rule, I hate touching on this topic more than it is absolutely necessary. But I already did the teaser in the last entry, so I guess it's unavoidable now. The Champion of Cyrodiil, the player character from Oblivion,… more »

Why We Don't Know What Happened to the Hero

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As I have previously written, we don't get to see or hear about our hero very often after we controlled them. While I briefly touched on the issue with talking about what happened to the old heroes, I'm going to go into that a little more now, as… more »

Why Fallout 3 Disappointed

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I’ve finally figured out why Fallout 3 always fell short for me, despite having such an interesting story and world. Referring back to AKB’s post, titled “What Happened to the Heroes?”, he explored the connection a player has with their characters in a… more »

Whatever Happened to the Heroes?

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What happens when you take a blank slate of a character, and you make that non-character the main character, or at least the character from whom's perspective the story is experienced? You get a bunch of people who get extremely attached to the… more »

The Effects of Morality, Actions, and Consequences

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While reminiscing about Fable and kicking myself for never actually finishing a game I was so thoroughly enjoying, I got to thinking about something: The effects the player's decision has on the actual world is virtually non-existent in The Elder… more »