Please don't steal my stuff :'(

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Plagiarism of the UESP's content is a big problem. Please see our articles on common mistakes and copyright ownership. Basic rule of thumb: if you weren't the one who added some original content here, you don't have the right to take that content and… more »

Achievements Are Awful (and also Alliteration)

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I hate achievements. I am a "completionist" and I hate achievements (okay, most achievements). One may ask "Nocte, why do you have so many achievements if you hate them so much?" (I really don't, but that's beside the point). Allow me to explain. There… more »

Skyrim's Lost Potential

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We expect a movie critic to actually have seen a film's ending before giving a rating. Food critics who eat only part of their steak and skip the side dish altogether won't really know enough to give a review on their meal. Likewise, a major video game… more »

On The Importance of Setting Expectations (And Sticking With Them) - Part 1

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As I was browsing through our collection of maps when I noticed something was a bit odd with almost all of them. Mainly, their names. I had trouble finding any that had the proper naming scheme that we use for images (as described on Help:Images). This… more »

On Morrowind

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I was going to post about how I've been playing Assassin's Creed lately, but this is an Elder Scrolls blog, and what have I posted about the Elder Scrolls? Wait, you guessed "Nothing"? You're correct, but this isn't a game show, so there's no prize. I… more »