Consequences Matter

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As a long-time player of Elder Scrolls games, there are a few things that often bother me about the games. The game components are poorly done, the voice acting can be spotty, completing a fraction of the available content has a bad tendency to morph… more »

Firefly and other things

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Why are all the good TV shows always cancelled? I heard of a show called "Firefly" about Mal Reynolds and his crew of a ship called Serenity. The series follows the lives of the crew after it's been altered by the joining of two siblings, Simon and… more »

Elder Scrolls Online - The Task at Hand

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As someone who has been one of the main supporters of the concept of us having a blog, I find it odd that I've never taken the time to ever write a blog entry for the blog that I've so thoroughly supported. Ever. I've encouraged others to do so, but I… more »

Saturday with Snowmane #2 - The new ESO trailer

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I'll admit I was one of the skeptics at first when Zenimax Online announced that The Elder Scrolls Online was being developed. Bethesda spent nearly two decades making the most incredible and detailed single player RPG experience that I've ever played,… more »

Saturday with Snowmane #1

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Am I allowed to claim individual days? I doubt anyone would complain, so I am claiming Saturday as my day to post new blog posts. There's not a whole lot eventful going on. I can proudly say that I can now call my first fanfiction a finished product.… more »