On Skyrim III: Questing for Perfection

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Of all the new features introduced in TES V: Skyrim, the one that has UESP's active editors simultaneously wriggling with delight and squirming with horror is "Radiant Story". At its most basic level, this seems to be a way of avoiding the problem with… more »

Dead Money but Not Dead Enough

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Back in October last year (my how time flies!) I wrote a post about Fallout: New Vegas, in which I described my disappointment with the game. My final paragraph contained the phrase "If I give it a few more hours, I might like it too", which turned out… more »

On Skyrim II: Location, location, location

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For me, one of the best bits of news about Skyrim is that the whole map is being hand-generated rather than using a generator for much of it. I've described elsewhere that my initial to leaving the initial Oblivion sewer was "Wow!", and that I had a… more »

It MUST be said

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The bit of the teaser trailer where the music changes to the new version of Reign of the Septims and the dragon takes off? Well it brings a tear to my eye. Yes, I'm an old softy. But... wow... *sniff* more »

Soule Music

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It's an oft-overlooked aspect of The Elder Scrolls, but the music in the games is incredibly important. The latest update to elderscrolls.com has allowed us all to look back to the dark days when, to be frank, music wasn't an important part of gameplay.… more »