10 Facts You Should Know About the Elder Scrolls!

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Picture Unrelated There are a lot of articles and videos made about series, like the Elder Scrolls, in which some quickly Googled facts are thrown together into a list with some stock images with some randomly chosen memes overlaid. After considerable… more »

BE3 2017 Recap

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� Bethesda's presentation this year came at an unusually late time - midnight EST.�� Here's a link to the full thing, if you're interested. Overall it was a smaller presentation than their previous two, without anything too earth-shattering, espe… more »

More ESO: Morrowind Info!

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Today was apparently the press day for ESO's Morrowind expansion, because in addition to the first gameplay trailer, there were tons of interviews and articles revealing more information!  So here's the gameplay trailer: And here's a compilation of all… more »

ESO "Morrowind" Expansion: What We Know So Far

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The next update to ESO was officially revealed today in a Twitch stream that was heavily hyped by Zeni. While we were aware that the next update was going to include Vvardenfell - which seemed to be confirmed by the "volcanic" promotional images they te… more »

Damon plays... South Park: The Stick of Truth

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I'm back again with another game review post. Well, not a review, since I've not finished it and couldn't tell you if it sucked or not, but it's an overview and my impressions. I love those old turn-based RPGs, and I have plenty of memories of playing… more »