Damon's Adventures: Damon plays... err INSTALLS #ESOTU

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You know what? I want to propose that either officially or unofficially it becomes a rule to add a “Read More” link to the UESP blog posts after an introductory couple of paragraphs. The blog is so much more manageable to browse when the posts are conde… more »

ES:Legends: What We Know, and Alarra’s Impressions

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At long last they’ve finally given us some solid info on ES:Legends!  Earlier this week, they updated their website, released a gameplay video, and launched the closed beta. They’re also at PAX East this weekend, and had a short segment on PAX’s stream… more »

The Elder Scrolls Legends beta

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I figured this would be something to make, since it's a TES-related post and I never write them. After not hearing about it for so long that I forgot it was a thing, that bizarre online card game called Legends has been publicly announced to be in a… more »

Story-telling in Games

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This blog post would probably be out of the norm for the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages blog, because this is about soccer games, not fantasy RPGs. However, this blog post is not completely out of the line, as far as I'd think blog posts go. Sure, it's… more »

All hail the Overseer!

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Citizens of Vault 069, it has been a long time since you've been graced by the company of your beloved Overseer. We were only together for a brief three or four days after the founding of our majestic home on the 13th Day of August last year (damn my be… more »